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Celebrating A Decade of Intuitive Advisory: New Energies and Services

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

If you've ever noticed that my online presence is as rare as spotting a unicorn, you're not imagining things. It's been quiet around here, aside from scheduled sessions.

While I used to think my inconsistency was a quirky trait of mine, starting projects and then ghosting them like a phantom, this time it was different.

This Summer, life took an unexpected turn, that even Nostradamus couldn't have predicted. Divine Intervention with impeccable timing threw me a lesson I couldn't opt out on.

But the Universe also gifted me with an "Eureka!"-moment, showing me where my energy should be focused moving forward. Perfectly aligning with the ten-year anniversary of embracing my energy channeling and interpreting abilities.

Why, I’m thrilled to introduce the dynamic duo of session options you can book with me:

  1. The former 1:1 sessions are now called: “Intuitive Advisory: Mediumship Interview with Your Soul & Energy Channeling.” This name emphasizes the core of the session where I channel your unique untrained Soul Energy alongside the Collective Universal Energy, inviting both your human subconscious and consciousness to participate. Think of it as an interview with your Inner Wisdom and the Universe's Wisdom side by side through my Mediumship. This fusion provides a true personalized Intuitive Advisory. You can find more details here.

  2. Additionally, a new service is available that complements and fills a gap in my range of offerings over the years: “Release Trapped Emotions & Energy Healing”. This service turned out to be the missing puzzle piece that unlocked the secrets of Intuitive Advisory and Guidance for me. Think of it, as an emotional detox for your mind / body. Check out the details here.

New setup around the sessions

Another significant change is the offering of predominantly online or proxy sessions. These remote sessions, accommodate the latest demands from my clients. They provide an equally experience to in-person sessions, if not exceeding them. As the advantage lies in your ability to remain within the comfort of your own surroundings.

For those who still prefer face-to-face interactions (which I equally enjoy), there are still some options, during the daytime. You can choose an in-person session for 60 or 90 minutes. Here are the choices:

  • Fridays offer access to a pleasant space on Vesterbrogade, Copenhagen. If you prefer an in-person session, indicate your choice when booking for Fridays.

  • In cases where Fridays or online sessions aren't suitable, on very rare occasions, I offer in-person session at my private address. Please note that it's more like visiting the museum of "Rucsi's Life Adventures." It might not have the same professional setup as Fridays, but you might make friends with a dinosaur toy.

I'm excited to continue supporting you on your journey. And in case you haven't explored it yet, I've updated the collection of free guided resources available on my website.




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