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Intuitively guided words for your current situation:

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As you embark upon your voyage of love, romance, and intimacy, step into the embrace of Universal energy. It surrounds you, guiding your heart towards authentic connections and soulful unions, like constellations guiding ships across uncharted seas.

Deep within your being, the unity of the feminine and masculine ignites a profound comprehension of matters of the heart. Embrace this sacred union within, for it unveils the key to unlocking the enigmas of love.

Intimacy flourishes when you embrace vulnerability. Unlock the depths of your heart with confidence. It shall guide you to cherish the timeless essence of love, fostering connections that resonate with the path you are on right now.


Throughout the tapestry of lifetimes, you traverse love's varied landscapes. Human choices and dilemmas embellish your path, each woven with deeper intentions from your Soul and Source. Break free from external influences and embrace the wisdom that resides within.

True revelation arrives when you open your heart to the soulful energies of love. Witness the profound meaning of loving another — a connection both exquisitely beautiful and courageously challenging.


Explore the yearnings and unique journey of your heart. Seek harmony within, embracing profound choices. Understand that love and relationships transcend human desires, encompassing spiritual growth and soulful bonds.



Imagine a merging of soft, ethereal energies, representing the union of masculine and feminine forces. In the center, a heart-shaped crystal radiates a warm, glowing light. Surrounding the crystal, delicate tendrils of energy weave together, forming a tapestry of interconnectedness. Above the crystal, a constellation of stars symbolizing the universal guidance that embraces you quest. 



I am deserving of love's embrace in all its forms. I welcome deep, meaningful connections into my life. Trusting in the journey of romance and intimacy, I recognize that love's radiant light always shines upon me.


I have created a self-paced guided workbook that you can access anytime you need support. 

In this workbook you will explore the inner terrains of true love and romance:

  • Trusting your intuition wildly and deeply

  • Uncover the limiting beliefs holding you hostage

  • Create healthy relationships with your loved ones

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The 1:1 intuitively guided sessions start with you. You may show up to a session with a list of all of your questions and concerns, or I can provide my intuitive downloads to start. 

I have developed a combination of coaching, therapy, mediumship, and healing to get you to the point where you can harness the power of your intuition, to live the life that you want to live.



These statements are all created based on the thousands of sessions, and the people I have assisted. They are applicable across all ages 15 to 85 years, gender and cultural background, why it's written in plural.

Indulging in their desire and curiosity about what is intended as their next step in love and romantic relationships.

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