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Intuitively guided words for your current situation:

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"It's time to recalibrate the feminine energy within you. Female energy is in us all, as an inner nourishment and security of our own soul.


As humans we focus on our outer role with the next generation - the children. But what if you redirect your energies to allow the good intentions in carrying out your responsibilities towards yourself?


You are exactly, where you need to be. Trust that your are a healing influence in any current situation and take confidently accountability for the actions and reactions you represent. This is a time for you, to tap into the different parts of your soul and human, where you might have forgotten to look.

Hope is becoming more and more real for every moment you allow to be your own nurturer. Especially, when you allow forgiveness, understanding and generosity coming into your life. It's time to enter a different state of mind, and allow your Soul to work through you.


Trust your ability to learn new sides to your story. Embrace your softer side and allow emotions to be surfacing, in order for you to find your own fulfilment. Then and only then, can you become what is intended for the next generation".


I have created a self-paced guided workbook that you can access anytime you need support. 

In this workbook you will be asked to truthfully explore the inner terrains of your being in the areas of childhood and parenting

  • Trusting your intuition wildly and deeply

  • Uncover the limiting beliefs holding you hostage

  • Create soulful decision in your relationship with children and your loved ones

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The 1:1 intuitively guided sessions start with you. You may show up to a session with a list of all of your questions and concerns, or I can provide my intuitive downloads to start. 

I have developed a combination of coaching, therapy, mediumship, and healing to get you to the point where you can harness the power of your intuition to live the life that you want to live.



These statements are all created based on the thousands of sessions, and the people I have assisted. They are applicable across all ages 3 to 85 years, gender and cultural background, why it is written in plural.

Addressing, on a deeper level, the cause of their insecurities surrounding their own parenting skills.

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