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My own soulful journey started in 2010, but little did I know, that it would take me over 10 years to figure it out.

At that point in time, I thought, I had it all. I was 27 years old, with a dream job, a loving marriage, close to my family, friends for life, and my beautiful daughter had just been born. What more could I wish for?

Then the card house slowly but firmly started falling. Out of a clear blue sky, “shit” started happening and I couldn’t do anything to stop it. 

And when I didn’t get the Universe’s hints of surrendering and going with the flow of transformation, I would be shown rougher path, just to finally surrender.

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Over the next 10 years, I would experience despair, losing jobs, losing friends, not feeling like I fit anywhere, being bullied for my intuition and spirituality, a grim divorce, my mom dying in my arms, huge betrayals, emotional and physical abuse, being suicidal, my body shutting down due to exhaustion, countless heartbreaks and a clear red thread of intense fear of never making it in this world. 



Yet, all this chaos also led med to a new consciousness, where I began to experience a tremendous connection to something greater than myself. I started seeing things, experiencing high levels of energies and a connection to the big think-tank of the Universes knowledge, other realms and the Crystalline energy field.


I experienced the beauty of my Soul. And I experienced my own personal strength.


Greatest of all, I started to see clearly how my human form and Soul did the dance of life.   


At times, I doubted my spiritual connection, the process and the Universe’s abundance. And yet every time I doubted, the road still led me to a new level of consciousness and understanding – usually me being more exhausted than joyful, but definitely more at peace with life.


Now I’m aware of continuously giving myself enough space, in order to accommodate the inevitable continuous changes of energy and awareness.


I promised the Universe to give “them” a chance, every day, to show me the meaning of it all – thus, we still have our weekly discussions of the need for so much “hurt/pain” when transforming (But more on that in my services).

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"You make life seem so simple and easy."


I can assure you that no one, who has experienced such a full-on transformation, will tell you that it was easy. However, we will agree that the hardships were worth it, and also inevitable.

I can’t present you with a quick fix or “one-size fits all” solution. And I assure you, you can’t only Meditate, Yoga and "Positive Think" yourself through a personal change towards self-alignment.


But if you are ready to put in the work towards a more wholesome living, I promise, to hold your hand through the process, add light and humour on your path, and help you not to trip over your own toes.

With this I hope, you will accept your inevitable transformation, and welcome your deeper connection to your Soul with much more grace, than I did.



You are new to this type of work or new to the whole dimension of intuition, and living a soul driven life. 


Maybe you are not sure if I’m a match for you. Why, you are welcome to take a stroll on these pages, and get inspired.


What might especially be of interest for you:



You have already been doing some inner work; and gaining momentum for next step in your journey.


Maybe you’re just in a place, where you don’t need direct assistance, but recalibrate and transmute energy. 


What might especially be of interest for you:



The moment has come, where you need to take direct action and accessing new layers of your life.


This is where we not only talk the talk, but walk the talk, in healing and getting closer to your inner knowing.


What might especially be of interest for you:


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Growing up, I instinctivly knew that working with people was my future. I actually wanted to become a psychologist or a lawyer. I never intended to work as or be a Medium. To be honest it took me some time to accept this “gift”.


My lack of “work ethics” in schools didn’t gift me the necessary grades to study psychology or law. So, I found other roads to my passion for working with people. Thus, in 2007 I graduated successfully with a Masters in Sociology in International Relations and European Studies – with a focus on Humans Rights, Minorities and Gender Studies.


It’s not that I didn’t do great in school. I was actually one of those kids that picked-up learnings quite fast. I just intentionally did the bare minimum, keeping myself slightly above average, and use my energy and time on horseback riding with my best friend, be social with my pears, attending dancing lessons, participate in theatre shows, and just hugely obsess over crushes.

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