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The use of Intuitive Advisory and Energy Healing has gained popularity among individuals and companies who desire new perspectives and deeper understanding.

It is available to anyone, regardless of their professional background or age (with parental or legal guardian consent for minors).

The key is to approach it without predetermined expectations, allowing your natural curiosity and questions to unfold as we embark on this journey together.


If you're unsure whether this is the right fit for you or simply curious about my working process, keep scrolling to find out more.


These sessions cater to individuals who desire to explore the significant aspects of their current and potential future life. The core concepts encompass insight, release, awareness, healing, and guidance.

When scheduling a 1:1 session, we engage in intuitive conversations aimed at unblocking, recalibrating, and transmuting your inner energy or the energy of your business.

Each session is customized to address your specific needs in the present moment. The choice of taking the next step rests entirely in your hands, allowing you to decide the how and when.

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Intuitive Guidance Lifeline


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For those seeking continuous intuitive guidance and healing, especially when faced with urgent questions, this service is designed to meet your needs.

With a Monthly Intuitive Guidance Lifeline Subscription, you gain exclusive access to my mediumship and intuitive guidance whenever you require it.

The subscription provides the equivalent of scattered 1:1 sessions spread throughout the entire month, allowing for personalized support, adapted to your specific needs at any given time.

You have the freedom to cancel your subscription at any time.


Please note that there are limited slots available for this service. Primarily intended for clients who have already had at least one 1:1 Intuitive Guidance Session.


Through the tools of "The Emotion Code" we identify and release harmful emotional energy, such as old thought patterns, beliefs and unconscious programming that have become trapped in the body.


This energy can cause e.g. anxiety, depression and blockages to love and joy. It also affects the body's tissues and can cause pain and contribute to disease.


The release creates favourable conditions for healing and makes physical and emotional challenges more manageable.


During a session we embark on a journey to identify and release concrete trapped emotions that may be blocking your progress or causing discomfort. 

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What sets me apart from other specialized coaches and therapists is that I don't confine myself to a specific niche. By utilizing my mediumship abilities to connect with your higher self and individual path, I have the flexibility to address a broad spectrum of topics.


While the following list represents the most common areas in which I have assisted clients, it is by no means exhaustive:

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Supporting all types of love connections either new, old, or non-existent.

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Assisting in the areas of money flow, career, strategy, and business growth.

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Addressing childhood trauma, fertility and relationship with children.

Personal Human Growth.png

Support for major life changes, like health and other personal topics.

Soul Growth.png

Supporting you to access your intuition and strengthen your soul connection.

The Inevitable Change.png

Addressing the collective shifts; The future of people, of life, and the planet.

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If you are new to this realm of work or exploring the dimensions of intuition and living a soul-driven life, you may be uncertain if I am the right fit for you. 


In that case, feel free to navigate through these pages and draw inspiration from the content provided.


What might especially be of interest for you:



Perhaps you have already made progress in your personal growth journey, gaining momentum for the next step.


At this stage, you might find yourself in a position where direct assistance is not required to realign and transform your energy.


What might especially be of interest for you:




You have reached a pivotal moment where it is time to take decisive action and explore new depths of your life.


This is the point where we go beyond mere words and actively engage in the healing process, bringing you closer to your inner wisdom and understanding.


What might especially be of interest for you:



"A few years before I met Rucsi, I was in an existential crisis, what in our Western society would be called a depression. But it was more than that, it was going to turn out to be a turning point and an awakening so I could start living on my terms.


I knew my dreams, but I had no idea how to get near them. My self-esteem was non-existent, I actually did not know who I was.


The crisis sent me on a journey, both physically and mentally. I threw myself over yoga, meditation and mindfulness. I devoured books on personal and spiritual development. I moved to Bali and took a yoga class. I sought out countless healers, therapists and alternative body therapists. I had agreed that if I had to go temporary spiritual nutcase it was okay - then I would have to sort it out later.


When I landed in Denmark, 8 months later, I felt much better, but still needed input and answers. I consulted several therapists and psychologists, but since I grew up with a mother who is a therapist, they could not tell me anything new. I needed a different kind of coaching and tools - I just did not know which ones.


Luckily I met Rucsi and already in my first meeting I felt seen, heard and met. A world opened up to me, a world I knew but did not yet fully understand and yet it made sense on a completely different level than what I had been met before. I had found a human who intuitively understood me and who saw me. I did not have to explain myself, my thoughts and feelings - on the contrary, these were explained to me. I got answers to questions that consciously and unconsciously had always been rumbling. I gained new perspectives on myself and clear input on how to move forward.


In the last 3 years, my sessions with Rucsi have only gotten better and better. I have become conscious in the moment and my intuition amplified. I have always had a strong intuition, but I did not understand it. Rucsi has taught me to understand my intuition, listen and follow it, even though it has been difficult at times. Her coaching and guidance has given me strength, calmness and understanding, even when things happened out of my control.


She has helped me to accept myself, acknowledge and love myself unconditionally. She has continuously given me work assignments that have made me reflect and even look for answers. I do not know what person I would be today without her guidance and support. Today I hold all my emotions and I dare to stand by myself. It has been an awakening and a journey of formation, which has not always been easy, but something I had to do to live out my potential and get the best out of life.


Rucsi is wise beyond her years - she manages to convey abstract and spiritual angles in a pragmatic way so that everyone can relate to it. Her blunt attitude is warm, supportive and caring - and just the loving push you often need. I use her as a coach, both in my professional and personal life.


Time with her has shifted mountains and has been the best investment in myself and my relationships. It requires that you dare to expose yourself and be open - and if you dare this, it is an awakening for life!"

- Neel F.

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Not sure if this is for you?


The services I provide embody the inherent duality of our human nature, as we navigate situations through both rational and intuitive approaches.


While I am confident in my abilities, I acknowledge that I may not resonate with everyone. Factors such as personality, alignment of frequencies, and external influences beyond my control contribute to this.


If you are uncertain whether I am the right fit to assist you on your life journey, I can offer some clarifying information.

Here are a few factors that could indicate why I may not be the ideal person to assist you on your journey:


As a Medium, my work goes beyond my personal abilities, encompassing a connection to something greater. Consequently, I do not adhere to fixed coaching or therapy theories, textbooks, or tools. Instead, my mediumship complement years of practice, educational expertise, and life lessons, providing a framework that guides my approach.

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