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Don't Freak Out – Pt. 1

Updated: May 21

I recently came across a spiritual teacher warning of doomsday scenarios if we don't act in a certain way within a certain timeframe, due to the energetic shifts happening now.

And I felt compelled to add some balance and nuance to how we approach these energetic changes we are experiencing over the coming months and years.

Building on a previous piece, but this time with monumental energetic shifts reverberating our planet, it's crucial to understand their impact on us individually and how we can navigate these changes with clarity and balance.

Embracing Change with Pragmatism

We should embrace this significant period not with fear and gloom, but with a neutral and pragmatic outlook. Contrary to apocalyptic narratives, this era signifies breaking old patterns, healing, grounding, and evolving into a higher energetic state than ever before.

This doesn't mean we'll all become saints. However, the unity and oneness we've been striving for will start to materialize over the next three decades. The world has changed, and despite what leaders and spiritual figures might say, this isn't a time of doomsday.

While some individuals and nations may face higher stakes and negative impacts, this isn't unlike other times in human history. Each of us will experience these changes differently, following the unique soul and human paths we were born into in this collective transformation.

Importantly, "the good" has prevailed on an energetic level. We have already won the battles and wars behind the scenes. A higher level of energy is now pushing this "Spring Cleaning" on Earth.

However, as with any new energy or existential shift, there will be a period of alignment in our reality, leading to individual discomfort. This is what we will experience over the next three to five years (depending on how much we as humans drag our feet): a period of dealing with the impact of breaking old molds and healing from it before we can ground into and grow with the new energy.

The years leading up to 2024 have been a buildup to this pivotal moment, emphasizing the need for individual and collective readiness to break away from what kept us from grounding and growing as a unity - breaking with the energies of division.

It started to materialize around 2000, with subsequent “battles of energies” around 2008 and 2012. Since 2018, there have been indications of this last push coming.

And now it's here, beginning of April 2024, where we in our physical reality can see the breaking with the division, and by embarking in individual journeys and assignments towards the collective change.

So, buckle up, don’t freak out, and start identifying why YOU are here at this time and your assignments, so we as individuals can contribute to the collective leveling up without succumbing to fear, anger, or despair.

Navigating Individual Assignments for Collective Thriving

Why focus on collective thriving through individual work? A collective is defined by its individuals. By each individual taking accountability for their part in the planetary energetic assimilation and alignment, the collective will shift naturally.

The individual Journey in Collective Transformation

Everyone will be invited to redo their choices, even those who think they have it all figured out.

Every individual is called to reassess past choices made from fear, scarcity, egoism, and vengeance. This involves deep inner decluttering, including choices made under the assumption someone else would clean up after us.

It will affect us all, regardless of age, spirituality, "woke'ness" or other human measurements and identification points. The past will resurface through circumstances, people, and situations, asking us to act from intuitive knowing for the collective's benefit.

Some will do this without hesitation, having already fine-tuned their intuition. Others will need deep inner decluttering before acting. The need for change will persist until it's completed at the core.

Spiritual insights will blend with understanding personal conditioning and belief systems, fostering self-awareness and time for comprehension of our own role in the collective before grounding and growth.

There isn’t one truth but multiple, depending on our human and soul paths. Why we must allow multiple perspectives to roam within us before our intuitive knowing can form a picture of both individual and collective needs.

Judgment will play a significant role, as breaking the mold will lead us to judge others' actions and reactions. It’s vital that judgment gives way to self-reflection, acknowledging our shared journey of clearing pathways to collective harmony. Had we been in the same exact circumstances with the samme human and soul paths as those we judge, we might have acted similarly.

What to Expect on Your Individual Path

What can you expect to experience? We will face three main types of discomfort:

  1. Internal Discomfort: Some will transmute energy inwardly without much external impact. This involves emotional, mental, and spiritual discomfort, like feeling inexplicably tired or stressed without a clear cause, picking up on others' energies, or experiencing physical discomfort without a medical diagnosis.

  2. External Discomfort: Others will face external changes and shifts, leading to material discomfort. This includes job loss, financial instability, key relationship changes, or health issues. These indicate our Human path is at play. Sidenote: In the spiritual world, it is understood that body, mind, and spirit are strongly intertwined. However, I am shown that in the coming crucial years, there will be a clearer distinction between inner and outer discomfort. We can no longer rely solely on energetic alterations, releases, or healings to directly affect our material world. Those times are no  longer present.

  3. Combined Discomfort: Some will experience both internal and external challenges, reflecting intertwined soul and human paths.

Regardless of the type of discomfort, remember you are equipped to handle it. This period of change will end, and we must consciously correct our actions and identify our roles in fostering unity.

Since we are all on individual coded paths, it’s impossible to outline every type of impact. However, we can identify two tangible ways:

  • Redoing past choices, in correlation with

  • Experiencing specific types of discomfort.

By actually taking accountability for our individual parts in this collective transformation, we will shift the collective naturally, and these transformative times will seem more doable.

Stay tuned for Part 2, where we'll explore the potential collective changes on a global scale over the next three decades.

– Rucsi



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