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Embracing Life's Challenges in the 2020's - The Perspective Shift We All Need

Life is a journey filled with both highs and lows, and there's no denying that challenges are an inevitable part of it. And truthfully, I wouldn't want life to be any other way. Yet, how we choose to confront and deal with these challenges often defines the way we live our lives.

And even though there is no right or wrong way to approach life, there is an indisputable current need to re-evaluate the way we uniquely deal with life, both when it comes to the collective scenery and in our own personal lives. This in order to ride the waves of the next handfull of human years.

And why am I sharing this now? In the coming months and years, we are bound to encounter unprecedented shifts and abnormalities in our collective experiences, governance, socio-economic structures, and more.

The past few years have already provided glimpses of this transformation, leaving many of us with a lingering sense of: "something isn't quite right". But there's no need for fear; what we need is understanding. Understanding how, why, and what we're experiencing, in order to navigate these changes with grace.

I will try to intuitively channel and convey these collective changes in the following months, either through writings and/or videos. But regardless, whether you will part take through my channeled intuitive downloads or you go by your own intuitive insights, it's crucial with a solide tool, to humanly decipher what we are presented with going forward.

The Human Approach

The thing is, when life throws challenges our way, our human reactions often fall into extremes. Some of us opt to confront these hurdles with a sense of urgency, eager to get them over with, no giving it enough time. Others adopt an unwavering optimism, embracing the mantra: "all is good", relaying it all in the hands of divine plan and timing.

While others will just see it through the veil of doom, almost rendering them paralyzed. While all approaches have their merits, they can also have downsides if taken to extremes.

In my personal journey, I've experienced a fluctuation between contrasting approaches. Initially, I resisted change and adversity for many years. However, I later attempted to cope with changes, by excessively hide behind spirituality, embracing only positivity, repeatedly chanting to myself, "all is fine, all is fine", but not really taking any human accountability or actions.

This somewhat "laissez faire" approach left me feeling lost at times. Eventually, it led me to a point where I couldn't see any way out of a downward spiral, and I started doubting the value of life, people, and situations. Like a pendulum's natural motion, I would eventually swing back from this extreme (with the help of a few trusted individuals). While once again, I would find myself repeating the mantra: "everything will be fine, everything will be fine".

In due time, I learned to balance these extremes out, by understanding the dance of my soul and human form.

However, this constant oscillation between extremes also diminished the beauty of life for me. My attention was always fixated on my mental state and my approaches to life, rather than simply being present and accepting things as they are, without the need to label them as good or bad.

A New Perspective on Finding the Balance

And this is where the age-old debate of whether the glass is half full or half empty symbolizes the divide between these approaches. Some individuals view life as an endless struggle, always seeing the glass as half empty, while others maintain an unwavering positivity, seeing it as half full, no matter the circumstances. And some even will constantly be swinging to extremes between them.

However, this summer, as I navigated a new round of life changes, I was introduced, by a Haitian comedian, to a valuable perspective at the perfect moment, as if it was divinely timed:

"It's not about the glass being half full or half empty. It's about there being water in the glass. And you being able to drink from it, if you are thirsty".

In essence, it's an invitation to recognize the presence of life amid challenges. Instead of categorizing situations as strictly good or bad, we can shift our focus to:

  • Neutralizing the situation,

  • Understanding its why and how,

  • Determining if it requires our action or release.

This newfound perspective allows us to navigate life's complexities, bridging our human experience with the wisdom of our inner selves. Just I had learned it, the hard way, all these years ago.

All in all

Life, with its complexity and constant changes, offers us challenges and joys alike. Embracing these shifts while maintaining a neutral outlook is pivotal for personal growth and living through collective changes.

So, when the next obstacle appears on your path, remember the wisdom of the Haitian comedian (you see, comedy can in fact be life changing 😇): It's not about the glass being half full or half empty; it's about there being water in the glass, ready for you to drink and quench your thirst for life's experiences.

Thus, I invite you to discover your own unique way of maintaining balance in the midst of life's challenges moving forward. This perspective encourages you to embrace both the up's and down's, inspiring you to navigate your personal journey with greater ease..



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