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Release Trapped Emotions & Enhance Your Potential of Manifestation

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

In the Summer of 2023, a significant shift occurred in my practice, adding a powerful tool to my repertoire.

Over the past decade, my focus has revolved around Mediumship, Energy Channeling*, and Energy Reading** for the highest good of individuals and the collective. Despite providing profound insights during this period, I occasionally experienced dissatisfaction and encountered obstacles preventing desired outcomes. At times, clients returned with unanswered intuitive predictions, puzzled by the discrepancies. Some even gave me that classic skeptical look, questioning the accuracy of my channelling and readings.

While I often attributed these challenges to the nature of bridging the ethereal and human realms as a Medium, a lingering unease persisted over the years.

A Revelation of the Missing Piece

In a twist of fate, or rather Divine Timing, this summer presented a series of events that brought me to a pivotal crossroads. It led me to gain essential understanding and address the underlying unease I'd been grappling with. It was in this moment, I was granted a unique opportunity to delve into:

“the intricate links between: intuition, life path, subconscious mind, thoughts, and physical body.”

In late spring 2023, I faced two significant health scares simultaneously. These experiences, despite my deep connection with the divine, awakened a profound human fear within me. Interestingly, amid this vulnerability, the Universe revealed a potential way forward: a journey of self-awareness, collaboration with medical professionals, and the power of energy healing.

I delved into the realm of trapped emotions, discovering how these energetic blockages can hinder our healing, physical well-being and alignment with our desires. Trapped emotions are like dormant energies subtly affecting our lives. Through my own experience, I realized that:

“It's a journey of realignment, bridging the gap between our human selves and our soul's essence. As when the physical health is balanced, it enhances the ability to manifest, what the divine guidance share with us through our intuition.”

This journey also unveiled hidden truths about myself. I found that this process wasn't just about releasing trapped emotions; it was an introspective voyage of self-discovery. My energy resembled a mixtape of emotions from the past and present. I unraveled:

  • Unresolved emotions and traumas stored within my body,

  • Energetic imbalances passed down through generations,

  • Absorbed emotions from others unconsiously hindering my path,

  • Shared emotions blocking progress and creating unconscious bonds,

  • Influence of family emotions shaping me, and much more.

This is why my summer of 2023 was largely dedicated to uncovering MY missing link, realizing how energy healing and releasing trapped emotions directly influence manifestation. I knew of it intuitively, and theoretically, but it wasn't until a moment of 'Divine Intervention' in my personal journey, that I truly comprehended the depth and significance of this strong connection.

The Universe lovingly provided the necessary "Wake-up"-call and accessible tools. All I had to do was seize the moment, set my intention, and embrace this gift.

Why Share This? I share this with you because I may not be the only one dealing with this type of emotional entrapment. Simultaneously, on my journey to self-healing, I obtained certification to assist others with this energy healing modality.

Assisting others in Releasing Trapped Emotions

My newfound insights weren't meant to be kept to myself. Throughout the process of obtaining certification, I had the privilege of assisting others on their journeys of trapped emotion standing in their way.

This experience humbled me, as I made me understand to a higher degree, i.e. where people act and react from, or what makes us potentially misunderstand each other or even stand in our own way in life. This seemed to me of profound importance, especially when intertwined with seeking answers to life's path, working with energies, and intuitive guidance.

In my training, I worked with individuals of various ages, from one-year-olds to people in their late 80s. My encounters covered a wide array of issues and goals. Some examples (randomly ordered and not limited to) include:

  • Balancing blood pressure and blood sugar levels (in conjunction with professional healthcare),

  • Assisting in recovery from acute heartbreak, adapting to new life situations, accepting circumstances, and releasing emotions tied to heartbreak,

  • Addressing depression and anxiety,

  • Aiding mental recovery from car accidents,

  • Alleviating sleeping discomfort, racing thoughts, and restlessness,

  • Providing clarity on divine design, purpose, and life path,

  • Easing financial burdens and fostering a balanced relationship with finances,

  • Restoring balance in marriages, relationships, and interactions with children,

  • Tackling mobility issues, balance, and dizziness,

  • Boosting self-esteem and self-worth, and more.

As I reflect on this journey, I am immensely grateful to those who entrusted me with their energy, stories, and time. Your support and feedback have been invaluable, and thank you for wanting to keep working with me.

How does it work and what to expect?

If you're curious about releasing trapped emotions, you can book a "Release Trapped Emotions & Energy Healing” session with me.

Through the tools of "The Emotion Code" we identify and release harmful emotional energy, such as old thought patterns, beliefs and unconscious programming that have become trapped in the body.

This trapped energy can cause e.g. anxiety, depression and blockages to love and joy. It also affects the body's tissues and can cause pain and contribute to disease. The release creates favourable conditions for healing and makes physical and emotional challenges more manageable.

During a session we embark on a journey to identify and release concrete trapped emotions that may be blocking your progress or causing discomfort. If you have specific goals or concerns, feel free to share them during booking. If not, I can tap into divine guidance to determine the areas of focus that will best serve your journey.

Sessions involve establishing a proxy connection to your subconscious energy to facilitate necessary shifts (similar to how I conduct Intuitive Advisory sessions).

Through this process, I inquire about trapped emotions that relate to your individual goals or challenges. One trapped emotion is addressed at a time, working to relieve underlying causes and unblock your path to achievement.

You don't need to take notes. Simply relax and enjoy this moment of quiet introspection. Some clients have reported feeling as if "someone" is reorganizing energies within their body/energetic system.

At the end of the allocated time within your booked session, I will send an email summarizing what has been revealed, unraveled, and released.

Furthermore, I'll give you a call to address any clarifying questions, ensuring you're ready to continue your journey with renewed energy.

Energy Healing has the potential to reshape lives, and I invite you to take that first step. Before booking a session, you can i.e. contemplate on:

  • What issues do you seek help with?

  • What goals are you striving to achieve?

  • What is the most pressing need in your life right now?

It's necessary to state, that I’m not practicing medicine or behavioural health, and my services are complementary to those services. If you have specific medical, psychological, or legal concerns, it's advisable to seek guidance from licensed professionals in those fields.

And for a long story short…

For those who've read up to this point and are curious about the outcome of the health scares, here's a quick update:

  • In early July, I received clearance from the first health scare. The concerns raised during the initial consultation turned out to be unfounded after a thorough investigation.

  • By early August, my blood work indicated positive changes. I managed to evade classification with a "lifestyle disease" and successfully restored my levels to a healthy standard within just 8 weeks.

This experience affirmed that with determination and focused intent, I could bring about a reversal. Although I've received medical clearance, there's still some progress to be made. The conditions that triggered these health scares persist for a bit longer, and their resolution will require time, patience, and continuous commitment to achieving a healthy equilibrium.

Key Takeaways

In conclusion, my journey holds valuable lessons. It reminds us that even those who navigate realms of knowledge can “fail” in listening to divine guidance. Yet, recognizing and addressing our missteps showcases true intention and accountability.

Moreover, it prompts curiosity about the roots of discomfort and barriers in our lives, ultimately facilitating the release of these hindrances and guiding us toward manifestation.

Most importantly, it underscores the profound connection between our physical and emotional well-being. It emphasizes that our journey toward manifestation and guidance is intricately linked with our overall health, a compass guiding us toward intuitive living.

So, whether you're intrigued or simply ready to explore the realm of releasing trapped emotions with me, you can book a session here.

I look forward to assist you in this personal journey.


*Channeling energies for me involves delivering unfiltered intuitive messages without alteration.

**Reading energies involves interpreting intuitive downloads to tailor them to specific situations or levels of consciousness.



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