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Mediumship Interviews with your Soul & Intuitive Advisory

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

I've been incredibly fortunate to turn my passion for insightful and helpful work into a rewarding profession over many years.

Since, most of my clients come to me through word of mouth, I will outline what you can expect and eagerly anticipate during a session with me.

At the core of my work is my commitment to being there for those with whom I've formed soul contracts, to be assisting them on their earthly journeys.

Clients have described me as that trustworthy and understanding auntie, the best friend they've always wanted, someone who truly sees them for who they are, and even as a mirror to their authentic selves, daring to speak up their truth.

My clients have referred to me as a psychic, a clairvoyant, a healer, a teacher, a spiritualist, and/or a therapist. Some have even found me more effective than psychologists or psychiatrists.

Personally, it’ doesn’t matter what label you find most comfortable to put on me, in order to allow me to be at your service. As spirituality and psychic phenomena are multifaceted and overlapping, not confined or restricted by human definitions, and I would gladly serve within all these capacities to varying degrees.

What is Mediumship Interviews, Energy Channeling and Energy Readings?

By Divine Design, I was gifted the ability to channel and read energies for the greater good of individuals and collectives. Something that took me many years to understand and fine tune. I now:

  • channel energies, meaning I deliver intuitive messages directly without alterations,

  • read energies, meaning I interpret energy and intuitive insights to suit specific situations or levels of awareness,

  • decipher intuitive downloads, identifying whether it comes from the clients Higher Self, subconscious mind or human desires. As all of them operate from different frequencies.

Any type of energy can be channeled. You will find people that channel Masters and Descendants, other Entities, past loved ones, any anything in between.

What I channel in my sessions includes:

  1. Your Human Subconscious,

  2. Your Soul’s Energy and DNA (also known as supra conscious)

  3. The Collective Energy Field we are all a part off.

While channeling your human energy may be necessary to link everything to your human reality, most of our session will focus on channeling and interviewing the above-mentioned layers of your being.

Your Soul's Energy and the Collective Energy will provide you with insights into potential paths and futures that are not yet set in stone. Predictions in this realm are more likely to be influenced by your human free will. See it at the collective energy bank and your supra-consciousness offers us the overall view and pathways.

On the other hand, the energy of your subconscious will offer insights into the present and near-future events that are more fixed. Here, your human free will has less impact. Think of it as glimpses your subconscious offers us about what's to come within a reasonable human timeframe.

As En Vogue, so nicely put it: “Before you can read me you gotta learn how to see me” (from the song: Free your Mind).

Ultimately, what we all desire is to be truly seen for who we are. That's why I've spent the past decade honing my ability to see through the layers of being, aligning each energy with its rightful place.

My belief and modality of work

My intentions and dedication are threefold. I'm here to:

  • Gift people the ability to see themselves for who they truly are. Assisting them in the Divine Design of their life to manifest

  • Teach how to tap into and read energy for personal growth. As intuition is the ability to receive inspiration and information (in tuition = to be taught from within).

  • Fulfil my part in raising collective vibrations and consciousness, all while encountering my own human experiences and lessons.

My belief is, that all humans possess intuitive / psychic abilities to some degree. Psychic abilities are inherent to the Soul as natural as breathing, and a direct link to the infinite knowing we all are linked to. And it's my experience that more individuals are becoming consciously aware and recognizing their innate intuitive abilities, which are part of our shared history and destiny.

Why I try to keep the sessions as simple as possible, in order to make it tangible for the client and invite their own intuition to partake. My simple steps for a sucessful session are:

  • Set a clear intention - we aim to reveal necessary insights aligned with the client's highest good

  • Embrace curiosity - asking questions freely without self-censorship

  • Stay receptive - listen for intuitive downloads and diverse perspectives from incoming energies, seeking to understand the interplay.

From the very start of a session, I provide relevant and empowering information about your experiences, reasons behind them, future directions, and other matters of interest or concern. Every person and situation is unique, and with intuition and years of experience, I can delve beyond surface issues into past lives, karmic ties, and hidden dynamics. I feel blessed to offer such insights and continue developing my natural psychic abilities through dedication, research, practice, and ongoing learning.

Sometimes I address challenging topics, like politics and society, sharing unbiased intuitive guidance to uncover deeper truths. This is about understanding, not division. It's about peering beneath the surface.

Each Medium and methodology is unique, and while not all questions can be answered with precise dates or figures, many clients have consistently praised the accuracy of my readings over the years. However, this accuracy is a result of both my guidance and their own actions. They use their free will, thoughts, and efforts to shape their lives and outcomes. While I offer positive possibilities, it's the clients' choices that drive improvements.

While free will shapes each individual's path, challenges are inevitable, so we can learn about ourselves and our power to create positive outcomes given the circumstances. Over the past decade, my clients have found immense value in my services, and I hope you will too.

My readings are guided purely by intuition, with no need for you to share information before our session. However, if you feel compelled to provide relevant details during booking, you're more than welcome to do so.

What to expect from a session

People seek sessions for insights into various situations, issues, and even their own latent intuitive abilities. An accurate and enlightening reading can provide guidance for present challenges and reveal pathways for personal growth, ongoing transformation, and enlightenment.

My method of Mediumship Interviews and Energy Channeling and Energy Readings, efficiently addresses multiple issues, showing how they interconnect and manifest. The sessions cover your present situation, upcoming scenarios, challenges, opportunities, and changes. These sessions, reveal details as well as an overall perspective about what is happening and why. Regardless of your situation, you'll leave our session with significant insight and inspiration.

They address the questions and concerns a person already has in mind. We all know what we want to ask. What we often don't know is what we should ask: questions like: "Why is this happening?" and "Where is it leading me?".

It's important to note that these sessions are meant to guide and empower your decisions. They help you tap into the Collective Knowing, view complexities as opportunities, and find empowerment, happiness, and peace.

Life comprises both variables and invariables. We experience cycles, and ups and downs are natural for growth and reflection. While we can influence many situations (variables), some things are predetermined (invariables) by factors like culture, birth circumstances, karma, and choices from this life or previous lives. Our strength lies in knowing what are our unique 'variables,' and use them actively to shape our lives.

In essence, everything leads us toward higher consciousness, and actively participating in this conscious seeking for intuitive knowledge benefits our own and the collective world.

Informative Consent

It is necessary to state, that I’m not practicing medicine or behavioural health, and my services are complementary to those services. If you have specific medical, psychological, or legal concerns, it's advisable to seek guidance from licensed professionals in those fields.

If you are ready to explore Intuitive Advisory, through a Mediumship Interview with your Soul, you can book a session here.

Thank you for considering this journey of self-discovery and empowerment through intuitive guidance. I look forward to supporting you on your path.




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