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Welcome to Intuitive Advisory - Version 2.0

Updated: Jan 3

... or what feels like version 10.0 by now, with all that have transpired through this past year. Nevertheless, I’m excited to share with you an updated version of "My Universe".

First, I would like to thank all you amazing souls, that have supported me my services for the past 8+ years and recommending me around the world. Thank you for believing in me and my skills, maybe even before I fully believed in them myself. I hope that you will continue supporting me in this new direction and development, co-creating with me and reaching even more souls I could be of assistance to.

Also, this website update wouldn't have been possible without the assistance of Intuitive Art Creator & Graphic Designer Clara Coelho, and Photographer Yana Bagatelia. And not to forget, my family patiance and support - cheering on me when I stumbled into my shortcomings.

So, what is new?

1) The first thing you will notice is the new logo and design. It's inspired by the Oracle of Delphi, Pythia. We wanted to create a more calm and inviting look, to embody the true essence of my Soul and intent for the services I provide. Hoping it, now more than ever, will make it easier for interested to identify my skills and expertise, navigating through the various offerings.

With the new logo, we also created a set of 6 "oracle cards" operating as business cards. Inviting you to indulge in your intuition, allowing the cards to guide you where your next entrance point to your journey could be. And you can even keep them with you, as a reminder of your current step in your journey. These 6 design also represent the most common areas clients come for, but not limited to.

2) With this version 2.0 update, I also wanted to make sure my services are adapted to the various financial possibilities you might have. Alongisde with the needs expressed by my current clients over the past 6 months:

- Various lengths of sessions - from 15 min. Energy Boosters, to 1,5 hour of Intuitive Advice and Healing Conversations

- Adding a new service: Intuitive Guidance Lifelines - to accommodate the demand of ongoing intuitive guidance and immediate access from my clients

- More focus on various inspirational intuitive content at your disposal, if you're not in need of my direct assistance, or might struggle to make ends meet.

Unfortunately, I can't offer personal intuitive advising and guidance, without a pre-booked time or subscription, as my time in-between sessions and family, is used to intuitivly create projects, teachings and writings for the collective to access.

Why it's my hope, that you can find needed answers on this website. Or have the possibility to invest in personal intuitive guided sessions or subscriptions.

This leads me to the next new add-on to the website. I am also excited to announce:

3) I have added an online store where, as we embark and explore Year 2023-2024, I will be adding items created intuitively, to support you in your personal journey. Again with the intent to create something for all financial situations.

These items are all created through my mediumship, and supported by soulful designers and graphic artists. Our focus being, to create something timeless, simple and tangible for all ages. All with the intent of you getting closer to your own inner knowing.

Stay tuned, as they will be added continously.

Once again, thank your for being a part of this beautiful journey, and I really hope you enjoy these new energies with me!

Feel free to browse around, and let me know if you have any questions, or ideas for improvement of your experience. And maybe even ideas for "writings" you would love to see on the website.

Also, if you are one of the amazing souls I have been assisting, and you would like to ad a testimonial to my website, you are always welcome to send me an email with your testimonials to: - with the Subject: Testimonial. And I'll make sure, they will be added to the website.

With much appreciation,



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