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Survival Kit #10 - Eliminating Competition

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

This one is a bit different. Where the previous tools/principals were about going inwards, this one is more about us being in the outer world. But as a natural consequence of being transparent, we almost immediately disrupt the competitive thinking. Because it is no longer about being “better” than others. We are jut being who we are.

Some of us are might be better at something than others, but we are not to be amazing at everything. We cannot compete with the individually uniques all of 7+ billions souls we are. We just can’t.

Speaking of the outer world. We live in a world where artificial competition, beyond the human nature, is fostered. Even when we tell ourselves, that we no longer support this type of belief system, it still occurs. It occurs at work, in relationships, in families, heck even in the Spiritual Communities.

We know, we are still a part of the competitive belief system, when we ”stumble upon something”, and our energy field emanates feelings of insecurity, unworthiness, of sadness, and e.g. frustration of not being the one to get that thing or idea first. Yup, a simple marker is the insecurity we feel.

The industrial era taught us great things (irony can occur). Among other things: To compete is the solution; to be better and brighter; to be the best one in school; to have the most and shiniest items; to be the one winning some (un-necessary that society/system made necessary) awards, etc.

Let’s just take the whole idea of awards. Why do we perfectly logical, intuitive and intelligent souls, even want to be awarded?

E.g. a world famous prominent Peace Prize. I know a lot of amazing souls, who are constantly doing amazing stuff for Planet Earth, for Humanity and for Peace. Yet they are incognito/off grid doing their shit in “improving the world and its peace”, and aren’t about to get prized for it (or get the money that often follow the prize). Yet a lot of promoted people are nominated for these prizes, getting “a well deserved” pat on their backs.

How does that work for a better society? Why aren’t we all getting a pat on the back, or non of us? What is up with all this award-mentality? How is it to foster sustainable livelihoods?

Another example, the idea of Social Media and Influencers. Just the word influencers, makes me feel disrespected as a Soul. Like I need someone outside myself to tell me what I need? And the companies supporting this dogma, rather than having the self confidence to believe in their product/service so intensely, that they know they will make it in due time.

For are we providing a product/a service for the higher purpose of humanity, I’m pretty sure it will promote itself. On the other hand, are we in it for the cool cash and the idea of instant growth and gratification? Then we might need to rethink and maybe even re-educate ourselves on this new era we are experiencing and being pulled towards. But that is a whole new issue. Now back on track…

Everywhere you turn there is competition. Either covert competition or direct. And I get the idea behind it, because we cultivate a fast running and proactive “way of living”. But what it also fosters a lot of people, that are new to the journey of “you do you”, that will fall short and feel inadequate, and maybe even self-sabotaging their unique beautiful lives.

By eliminating the believe in competition, we will actually start believing in us. We will:

- Be more interested in finding out what/who we are, and why God (or whomever we believe in) put us on this Earth. - Understand, what our own unique superpowers are. - Start feeling that we belong. - Start being more exposed to the idea, that there are people out there that needs exactly us in their lives.

And you can just imagine the rest…

Also by eliminating the believe in competition, we can actually start seeing each-other as we are. Attracting wholesome creative co-operations etc., because we no longer collaborate from a competitive idea, but from a purpose idea. This will also foster a society consisting of more conscious tribalism. And who knows, maybe it will even attract more loving relationships?

Eliminating competition is not the goal. Competition is not necessarily a bad thing. The goal is eliminating the believe in the artificial competition created outside ourselves. And the competitive society will slowly but firmly disappear, the lesser we believe in it — it is almost like the thinking behind: Supply and demand.

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