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What now? - A reflection series

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

Now I'm curious: how many started reflecting these days?

Imagine if just 1,000-10,000 reflected on the same topic, how big a positive change we could create, both in terms of energy and consciousness.

It's not really about whether you actively sat down and reflected or you just read along. Both have a purpose: to create movement away from the stagnant energy we have been in for far too long.

The energy that makes most of us use words/phrases like: usually, "but we should", "the experts say". We in the modern society have, in fact, a bit of an unhealthy tendency to lean too much on others and a bit too little on (or within) ourselves. Why we need to start reflecting consciously.

Reflection = energetically ACTIVE action

In this series, you will regularly find "Reflection Cards", which you can take with you in your everyday life, to family parties, Happy Hours with work, etc.

Many of us have probably already reflected over these topics, but perhaps not quite dare to express them out loud?