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Understanding Intuitive and Sensitive Children (& Adults)

Updated: Dec 17, 2022

The Key Differences Between Intuition & Sensitivity is...

Sensitivity is the ability to read subtle cues and pick up on emotions. While intuition is the ability to sense something without being able to pinpoint what it is.

These two terms: intuition and sensitivity aren't interchangeable words. Sensitivity refers to emotional intelligence, while intuition refers to a higher level of cognition. Yet, both can be present in one person.

Intuition is often an unconscious process that doesn't require any previous knowledge or experience. It's the ability to know something without being able to explain how you know it, for example: knowing that someone's is going through something, when they're not showing any signs of it externally. Or knowing what is about tot transpire, even if there is no human possibilitiy for you knowing that.

Sensitivity on the other hand often requires previous knowledge or experience in order for a person to be able to pick up on subtle cues and read emotions more accurately. This is often fostered in the early stages of infants, and dependant on their relation with parents.

As a child, we can be highly intuitive and sensitive at the same time. With time, and depending on how our parents and caretakers acknowledge these qualities, we will grow up charising these personal traits we have. Or we can grow up ignoring and disliking them, and by definition not accepting ourselves for who we are.

We are actually all born intuitive, as we all have that connection to our soul. Yet, some will have their intuition heightened and developed from they are born, while other will access them as they grow up, as they are intended to use these powerful gifts.

While the rest of us, will have these intuitive gifts being idle in our operating systems, always ready to be accessed for our own personal journey.

Therefore, we are all intuitive. Some of us are just highly intuitive, often as it's intended for us to use it in the higher benefit of the collective. So, I will always recommend all, regardless the intensity of their intuition, to use their personal intuition.

Coping With a Highly Intuitive Child's Newfound Gifts

It's important for parents to teach their children about their intuitive abilities. This way, they will know how to use them at the right time.

The underlying benefit of the parent assisting their children in developing their intuitive abilities, is for the child to grow in accordance and acceptance of themselves as they are. Learning how to use these personal traits in a social context from an early age.

Psychic (or highly intuitive) children are just like any other child, but they also have these extra gifts. These kids that have a clear sense of being intuitive, are very sensitive to the energies around them, such as the surroundings, people, situations, circumstancens, sounds, etc.

Why it's the responsibility of their surrounding adults to make sure they know what it means to be highly intuitive (or sensitive) and how to assist their children in managing these gifts accordingly to situations and their age.

Being highly intuitive means being more praun to attract situation and people that can be challenging for us. Especially children, as they are still to adjust to their intutive and sensitive skills in a collective and social context.

It's therefore important for the parents to be aware of, how much their highly intuitive children are exposed to heavy energies. Also, highly intuitive children seem to be more susceptible to things like bullying or abuse, often attracting it, as they will consciously or unconsciously walk towards it

Supporting Your Child if They are Highly Intuitive

If your child is highly intuitive, it can be challenging to know how to support them without feeling overwhelmed or scared. Here are some tips for parents of intuitive children:

1) Know the Signs

The first step is to know the signs that your child might be highly intuitive. This can include things like having an intense reaction when they see an image of a person or place they have never been before. They can even recall previous lifes and former encounters.

Some children may also have premonitions or visions about future events, sometimes making them axious or extra protective. And some may even be able to sense what other people are feeling beforehand. Some children will be describing and interacting with entities that aren't physically present.

This is all normal, and should be met with curiosity. Even if you might not feel fully equipped to deal with your children intuitive gifts, being curious and non-judgemental, can help both parties ease into this new reality of yours.

2) Talk with Your Child

The next step is to talk with your child about their abilities and what this means for their life going forward. This conversation is best to take place when they are old enough to understand and will likely involve talking about how it will affect their schooling, friendships, and relationships in the future.

Should you have toddles and small children that are highly intuitive, and maybe not in a cognitive state of having a full coherent conversation about it. Still try, by using their play time to address it and invite them in using their skills with you.

Also, ask questions, rather than shutting their abilities down. Even if it exposes you emotionally, by them addressing stuff that you are trying to cover up - like an emotion, or thoughts.

These highly intuitive children will always call you out on your own subconscious and soul truth, and not the "mask" you put on. So you might just as well surrender to their inner knowing.

Remember, the more they get used to their skills in a safe environment with you, the more they will grow to accept them, and be able to talk about them with you and manage them, when they get older.

Just know, that highly intuitive children, are able to have deeper conversations, than you might immediately think, as they use their gifts to decipher the conversations, and can even be a couple of steps ahead of you.

3) Support Them in Their Pursuit of Their Abilities

It's important for parents to support their children in their pursuit of their intuitive skills, as it will help their children in accepting themselves. Now, not all highly intuitive children are to use their gifts directly or show interest in these skills.

Support your children, if they express less interest in this gifts, and find ways to set these intuitive skills "on hold". This by addressing others that know how to, ie.: mediums, healers, body therapists, and other spiritual therapists, that you trust, and that can assist your child.

And for those intuitive children that express a genuine interest and pursuit for fine tuning, and understanding their intuitive gifts: Maybe assist them in finding likeminded peers, and other trusted adults familiar with intuitive children, that can assist your child(ren) in developing these skills accordingly to their Soul's intent.

Yet, it's important, that the person you rely on, also have the understanding of how to support and safely develop your children intuitive abilities, so they don't do damage to your child's human cognitive development and life in general.

Useful Ways To Raise an Highly intuitive Child

Raising an highly intuitive child can be tricky. It takes time, patience, and guidance. And you will often feel inadaquate. But it is worth it because the rewards are huge.

There are many ways to raise a hilghly intuitive child and each one of them has its own benefits. However, not all of them are the best for your child or for you as the parent. Why I'll always recommend to see a qualified medium or intuitive coach, that can individually tune in on your child's unique intutive skills and needs.

Yet, I have compiled a list of ways that will help you raise your intuitive child(ren) in an effective way. It's my own to-go list:

1) It's all about you as a parent. The way you address these intuitive skills, represent the environment your intuitive child will grow up in. So, make sure you deal with all your own insecurities and fear about intuitive skills, and general imbalances in life. Research, read, and then accept. Acceptance is not about believing in it, but about acknowledging that it exists.

Also, make sure, you have someone that can assist you personally in dealing with the inevitable feelings of "not being" or knowing enough. Having highly intuitive children will always make you vulnerable, as they can call you out on anything, where you aren't being true to yourself. Even before you yourself are aware of your "lacks".

It's important that you find that balance between allowing them to operate from their intuition always, but also teach them about boundaries and social context. Showing them, that it's the balance between intuition and logic, or soul and human, that is where they can find themselves.

2) Find ways to ground these intuitive abilities. What worked for some is letting the child name their intuitive ability, making it more tangible for the child to address it. Give it a name, i.e. just as they would name their favourite teddybear. Making your child familiar with this specific part of them, and how to bring it front, only when needed.

You can even draw it, or describe it along with your child. Being playfull about it and treat it as it was another normal part of their imagination and cognitive development.

I.e. when my daughter was 5 years, she started showing highly intuitive abilities. And neither her or I were full ready for it. Especially as she was to start school. So we made a small box for the "intuitive ability" to live in, and we could open the box, when she really needed it. This assisting her in going to school and developing her human cognutive and social skills, without "seeing the underlying" energies. So, find an equilibrium that works for you.

3) Be extra aware of your childens surrounding, and social relationships. Assisting them, in dealing and understanding human social norms, as they are not "wired" for it. Your intuitive child, will rely on you being their "human" dictionary, assisting them in decoding situations, that aren't in correspondence with the underlying intuitive energies.

I.e. if someone says one thing but their personal inner energy, says something else, your intuitive child will always act and react on the intuitive inner energies. As they trust energies (and actions) before words.

This means, using more time than anticipated, to ask about your child's day, and experiences. Letting them storytell all the small "insignificant" details, as this is often a sign, that they had to bottle up what they sensed intuitively, to not create disturbance. So, when they are in a safe space, often their home, they will let loose and start processing the day, where they finally can re-experiencing their day from an intuitive side.

4) Being your intuitive child's greatest cheerleader. Even if you don't fully understand og believe in their intuitve gifts, just hype them up, and allow them to explore them with you. Who know, maybe you will learn from it too? An example: If your child asks about if they should chose A or B, you can ask them in return: "Well, what would [name of intuition gift] be most likly to choose?"

And try as much as possible, when your child shows you the need to express themselves intuitively, that you find the time and space needed for it, immediately. It may not always be convenient, but especially when the are smaller, it will help them grow their trust to their abilities. As they grow older, you can then ask them to "hold that thought", and help them use their intuition, to detect the best timing.

Being their greatest cheerleader is also about making them understand, that there is a time and place for the intuitive abilities to be directly used. I.e. I would always talk to my daughter about, what she sees and senses is not what other might sense and see. And how she can stay true to her own intuition, but respect others boundaries and experiences, in the end understanding, that we all hold our own perspective of a situation/truth.

.... and I invite you to add your own experience and ideas to the list. Maybe even share them in a comment, so others can benefit from them.



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