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The tricky part about relationships

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

(you can also read my piece about same topic on Elephant Journal)

Lately the conversations at our house has been about: RELATIONSHIPS.

When a 10-year old, starts asking the questions: "When will my BFF stop being my BFF?", "Why don't we see certain people anymore?", "Do people need to have romantic relationships in their lives? And is it ok for me never to fall in love?", or "How to chose between family and friends?" - How do you respond?

Many of us will respond on autopilot, or maybe from social conditioning. Some of us will just send the 10-year old to their room, as we don't have time for those kind of questions. But maybe few of us will consider, what an amazing opportunity this would be to re-evaluate, what we have been programmed (YES, programmed!) to think and feel about (our) relationships?

E.g. why we so loyally hold on to people that might not serve us anymore? Why we keep going from one romantic relationships to another? Why we often ignore our heart, seldomly dare to allow its voice? Why do we even have relationships (e.g. co-workers, romantic, friends, or your neighbour), etc.?

Are we destined to be alone or are we in need of each other? Especially in these transformational times, where nothing is given and everything is up for re-evaluation. Facing a collective transformation and an individual one at the same time - who/what do we choose, and what do we tell our children?

So a long story short, the topic of RELATIONSHIPS is still ongoing, as the 10-year old, does not give up that easily. But she did inspire me to contemplate on all the people that I have meet in this lifetime and those that I yet have to meet - merging into these thoughts (see picture).

Post scriptum

For those who continuously believe, that we came into this world alone, and we will leave this world alone. I'm pretty sure that is a programming too. :)

Last time I checked (not so long ago actually), we are all born from a women's womb. From the minute we are created, we continuously have another heart beating with us (and in case of multiples - several hearts). So, we are never alone either in form or in spirit. The question is just: how do I hold my relationships, so I never have to feel alone, and yet not codepended?



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