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The Potent Portal of change - Mercury Retrogade

Updated: Dec 17, 2022

There are many out there more competent than me, to give you the technical and instrumental definition to this phenomenon. Including how it affects your personal astrological birth charter, and so on. And I invite you to explore it further.

My focus on the Mercury Retrograde expands from its energetic powers to affect our human and soul, not linked to the external human definitions like astrology, personality, etc. But rather how we consciously can use it as an amazing tool in our personal balancing journeys in life.

The retrograde events have been happening for centuries, 3-4 times a year. The general notion is, when Mercury Retrograde occurs, it can affect your health, your relationships with others, your career prospects and even your finances.

The understanding is, that the powerful energies of this retrograde, also can create havoc on Earth’s magnetic field, which can lead to power outages, satellite disruptions or even blackouts; increase the number of hurricanes and typhoons; cause earthquakes at higher latitudes than normal due to increased tidal forces on Earth’s crust, and so much more.

Most fascinating for me is, Mercury is known as a trickster planet because it tends to bring out our own inner conflicts and issues. Simply any personal conflict between our human and soul that we haven't attended yet.

This might not be something that we want to happen, or we might even be unaware of this being what Mercury Retrograde is designed to do.

You see, any Mercury Retrograde is merely a potent portal for deep change.

It's like the perfect energetic timing, where the veil between our human and our soul is thiner, due to the retrogrades energy frequency and magnetism. The collective energies align in such a way, and our soul can whisper to us where we needed to realign our energies, between our human and soul. This manifested through situations, conversations and inner/outer struggles introduced suddenly to us under a Mercury Retrograde period.

Just this week alone, during a current retrograde, I have been tested on all accounts of: financial imbalances, my relationship with my children, self doubt regarding my skills and projects and in general my trust in the Universal powers protecting me.

I knew, I still need to improve my connection to my soul, and balance out/heal trauma's on all these areas, but I'm often chosing quick fix'es and human logic, based on my fears and human distress.

To be honest, I'm not always in the mood or have the human surplus to "correct" my human alignment to my soul. So I let I be, hoping it will "disappear", perfectly knowing it wouldn't. But then the Mercury Retrograde comes perfectly (also often annoyingly) timed, and I'm being confronted with the issues, I tried to ignore.

Is it the best way to live life? No, not necessarily. But in periods of our lives, we can be so humanly exhausted and dealing with a lot on our mind, body and hands, that doing deep inner work, is not highest priority on our to-do-list.

And why am I sharing this with you? Because I want you to be aware of what an amazing gift Mercury Retrograde actually is. Making sure you don't get caught up in your head about it, seeing it like a distress or negative occurrences.

And instead welcome it, with the understanding, that these moments are

the most potent bautifully orchestred timings, where all you've been "ignoring" are being collected in a compressed timeline, for you to regulate and align with your inner truth.

So, if you, like me, live life by pushing "difficult" deep "self-work" in front of you. Know, that retrogrades are designed for you: the perfect timing without the possibility to escape.

Keeping these facts in mind, I hope your next retrograde will be a lighter one. Where you are aware of it shows you clearly:

- where you are not being true to yourself in your decision-making

- that your are either living too much out from your human

- or too much from your Soul

- which areas you still carry fear, anxiety and blockages within

- where you are still dealing with past traumas, either from this lifetime or other, and either from your blood-lineage or soul DNA

- where you still haven't accepted "you faith", understanding why things happened as it did, for your own highest best

I hope with this, you can prepare better for the last Mercury Retrograde of year 2022, by actively notice what is asking of you to address/heal. And welcome all future ones.



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