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Survival Kit #3 - Educating Ourselves

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

As a follow up to taking responsibility and judging less, the natural next step is to look into what we don’t know. As there are over 7 billion different entrance points to this world, we cannot know all the reasons behind, what is happening around us, and why others think/do as they think/do. This is why we should start educating ourselves, as part of taking responsibility. In these tremendous changing times, not only are things changing too fast for us to grasp and follow. But “what we used to do and think” is no longer applicable.

Maybe we experience a lot of new spiritual perspectives becoming more mainstream. Maybe we begin to feel, that all is not as we thought it was. Yet no one is directly telling us, what is happening. Or are they, but we are not yet ready to comprehend/take it in?

The collective consciousness is experiencing huge intuitive downloads and new insights. And the multidimensional perspectives are really coming into manifestation. Yet, many of us are still ridiculing and judging any new perspective, not allowing them to co-exist, as we are comparing it with our own beliefs and preferences.

E.g. when I meet someone that thinks or reacts differently than me — and I meet these beautiful souls all the time due to my work — I want to take the time to understand, who they are and where they come from. Not to prove them wrong, but to make sure, I have all the needed perspectives.

By this point in my life, I acknowledge I don’t know everything. Actually the more I learn, the less I know. There is an infinite abundance of understandings out there, and if I intended to educate myself within them all, I would need multiple lifetimes of intensive learning, and still not comprehend it all.

Therefore, when I’m presented with something that doesn’t resonate with my vibration, I will take a minute to appreciate “the teaching” provided to me. Then I would take some time to understand, why it doesn’t resonate with my vibrations and if it’s something that could resonate in the future. Not just adapting to it. If it doesn’t resonate, I can still be mindful and respectful around the new perspective offered, and let it pass or save it for later.

If something is presented to us, that is truly out of touch with our vibrations, respectfully give it back, offering our entrance point to the subject/situation. If our perspective is not well received (meaning: allowed or respected), then accept the inability to vibrate on the same level, and part in a respectful manner. And what is a respectful manner? Well, what would be respectful in your perspective?

It is not about becoming alike, but about respecting each-others views, and expanding our own horizon in due time, without judging or making each other wrong. In the end creating the diverse and supporting community we desire. We evolve from the diversity, as it is my strong believe, that we are all created perfectly and within “the Divine Plan”, including the diverse opinions/point of views.

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