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Dark Night of the Soul & Mental Health

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

As my work for the past weeks has had one common denominator: “The Dark Night of the Soul”, I feel the need to shed some light on this topic - also adding to your SQ (Spiritual Intelligence Quotient).

I will not write a piece on it, as other Souls have done a great job at it - e.g. in this article. But I will touch upon it from a Mental Health perspective, as it's happening a lot in current time.

We experience these Dark Nights throughout our entire human life. It can remotely feel like those evolutionary jumps’ infants experience.

It can be short term and other times it feels like it will never end. I still experience them occasionally, and even though I am now used to them creeping up on me, it can still hurt like hell – almost paralyzing me from living my life.

My experience being: The Dark Night of the Soul comes every time we as humans are to level up to a new energetic frequency. And we do that every time we e.g.:

  • release a trauma;

  • get rid of an old belief;

  • come to a new level of consciousness about our own human journey & Soul capacity, etc.

Many of us will experience the idea of ending our lives, when undergoing these pivotal moments. Or we have the intensive desire to admit ourselves to a psychiatric ward. As it was with 50% of the sessions, I conducted, alone these past two weeks.

It’s nothing we as human can control the timing or the intensitivity of. And it’s not something people will be able to relate too, unless they have experienced it consciously themselves.

I remember, when I experienced it for the first time and uttered the wish to end my life. The people around me had a hard time coping with it and distancing themselves, wanting to admit me – so I could be safe from myself.

I’m not saying we should discard all the Mental Health issues we experience today with: “ohh, It is just the Dark Night of the Soul”-thing going on. No! For some, it can turn into major Mental Health issues.

But before doing anything drastic (like psychiatric ward, hurting others or suicide attempts)– help yourself or the loved ones experiencing it. Do an search on the Dark Night og the Soul. Scribble down some of the common symptoms on a piece of paper, and have it near you. Reminding yourselves:

  • the symptoms, so you can keep track of it,

  • that you are not alone in experiencing it,

  • there are people ready to help you living through it

  • it’s an isolated period of time and not an eternal state of mind

In my search for this topic, I was pleased to see, that the Clinical Mental Health Science is also addressing the inevitable Spiritual Growth we experience through these Dark Nights.

I just love when we acknowledge and bridge the relation between Science and Spirituality.

As the article state, the need for Soul Doulas is indeed a thing:

“…act as midwives to our patients’ inner transformation—supporting and encouraging them as they struggle to give birth, often painfully, to new meaning in their lives.”(from the abovementioned article).



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