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Survival Kit #9 - Creating Objective Transparency

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Just as with being clear on intentions, a way of easing our life and journey is to be transparent, and in some ways this also means creating simplicity.

“Transparency, as used in science, engineering, business, the humanities and in other social contexts, is operating in such a way that it is easy for others to see what actions are performed. Transparency implies openness, communication, and accountability.”

In the general sense, we might think and feel, that transparency is widely used. It’s widely talked about these days. Yet, we might still have that nagging feel of something being off. Well, it’s probably because, the concept of transparency is still used in a subjective way. Meaning, that the individual/institutions/societies identify what is their subjective idea of transparency, and act out of that.

What I would like to foster is a more objective type of transparency. Both within ourself and in relation with the outer world. This means a level of sincerity that is out of this world. For me, transparency is about being 100% honest — being honest and not being afraid of the inner and outer worlds crashing down on me.

This means being respectful in our communication, being so objective as possible with the sharing of information, that we help ourself and others, and can’t be caught in any “lying”. This is not the same as sharing all our personal details. It should be understood as: what we are doing, and what we are saying, matches the energy we emanate.

Most of us do read energy (even if we don’t think we do, but then just listen to our Nervous System). Sometimes we sense something underlined, that doesn’t match the words. Maybe a lot of men in romantic relationships can relate to this one. How some women will state: “everything is fine”, but you just sense it isn’t. Thus, those women need to take responsibility for their transparent communication.

Or we read something in the papers, where we read the words, but we just sense, something is off. Well that is a form of subjective transparency. Meaning we are given just the amount of information, so we feel informed, but we aren’t given, all crucial information, that could change our view on the topic/the person. Often we will find these extra informations, but we would have to dig deep. It’s not in plain sight.

This is the type of transparency a lot of us use or we are brought up with. Just look at the different webpages, text books, SOME or even analytical graphs. When we “story tell”, it’s still from the idea, of making the outer world to think and feel what we want them to.

We are now in a new era, where the respect for ourselves and others should be equivalent to the transparency we show. An example is, here at “Casa del Sarbu”, we: “say or show it as it is”, when it comes to expressing ourselves — all emotions allowed. No censoring or beating around the bush, or saying it in such a way, that we don’t offend anyone. By creating a safe space to be honest and transparent, we also create a space to be just us, being able to go within and find ourselves and what is happening in the moment. Remembering if we feel offended, it is because we are triggered on something within us, that we might have to look at.

Thus, let’s be honest with ourselves about what is going on within us. Be honest when a new emotion or thought comes up, and our belief system makes us feel ashamed or confused. Let’s be brutally honest, if we are doing things that makes every cell in our body scream: “STOP” — this could apply to work, studies, relationships etc.

And let’s be honest with the outer world, by saying things as is. It could be, to tell someone what we feel about them (it is given: in a respectful peaceful manner), taking our power back. Or letting someone know, when they have overstep our boundary. Know, that no one outside ourself can hurt us more, that we are hurting ourself by not being true to us.

This will of course not always be taken too lightly by the outer world. But remember we cannot offend anyone with our true inner self. If the outer world has “issues” with whom we are, it says something about them and their entrance point to life, and less about us. By understanding the loop of judgment as mentioned earlier, we also free ourselves from the fears we may carry.

We individuals are the core stones of society. By being consequently objective transparent, also about our fears, we can be the turning point of a society, where we can handle our “own shit”, the honest truth, and not fall apart. Also it will foster a more diverse society, where less judging and taking responsibility really can flourish. We the people create the society we live in, and not the society (read: Governments) creates us.

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