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Purpose vs. livelihood

Updated: Dec 17, 2022

One thing I keep experiencing is clients asking, ruminating or even doubting their purpose.

And for a long time, I couldn't identify this imbalance. Like of course we doubt ourselves in period of times, our skills, our gifts and our jobs. We would doubt if anyone out there believe in the skills we bring to the table. Or wheater we are on the "right" path.

But what I kept seeing was, that many have set an equal sign between purpose of being alive and their "why" in regards to their jobs and careers.

Yet, I couldn't wrap my intuition around it. Like my head understood why this dogma has been adopted by the collective, that purpose could be equal to our why in regards to our jobs and work. But I couldn't understand how we have come to this point of setting our whole reason for being, equal to something that is just a limited period of our lifetime - work or job.

But here is where it finally dawn upon me, during a session with a young client, who was already in question of their purpose in life way before they even should be thinking about it:

We are conditioned and even preconditioned to think that our purpose is equal to our raison d'être (reason for being) in a employment context.

But is it beneficial to us (and to our mental health to make this correlation? Is it time to balance out this way of thinking?

But what is purpose then?

Our purpose has never been intended to be dependent on our work, job, career and the "succes of it".

Well, the originality of humans (our soul in an embodiment), was never about what I do for a living (livelihood). Never. We as humans and as a collective have adopted this reasoning, and I wouldn't, at this point, even be able to detect the original startingpoint of this human belief.

Our purpose as a human is to be alive. As long as we breathe here on earth, there's is a purpose behind it, intended by the collective energies/Univers/God or whatever you might believe in.

Purpose is about: who am I as a soul in a human embodiment, and why I was "created" under these circumstances, in this family, life path, relations, etc. My purpose is what I bring to the table of the collective energies"

And that is what we should seek, when we ask or doubt our purpose. This way, we can take accountability for our own experiences here in life, and not be driven by an external seek for validation often transformed into how we make a living, either by ourselves or our community. A search that often will make us more self doubting, and lack the faith in ourselves and the reason we were put on this earth to begin with.

So you see, our purpose or reason of existence is NEVER about our job, worklife and career. And it's all about understanding, accepting ad loving the life we were given. And understanding that we have 8 billions different and unique faiths on Planet Earth, that are perfectly created in accordance to eachother, and sealed by that specific mix of human DNA (the DNA we care through our genes and blood) and our soul's DNA (what we bring of "karmic" assignments to compete).

To make it more simple to approach, we could also define it this way:

Purpose is a bigger existential question, and understanding why you were assigned this body, life experience, relations and upbringing. This is a life long quest to identify within ourselves.

Livelihood is about what am I intended to do for a living? Where do I contribute to the collective, while I have fun making a living? This being someting we would address on/off as we contribute to society.

I have met many many souls, where their purpose in and of life, would never be applicable to their job, and careers they are having. Or even what was intended for them to make a living by. And I have met few souls, where their purpose of living could directly translate into their job/career/ livelihood.

So next time you are contemplating your purpose, split the question into two, this way you can identify:

  1. What is my livelihood and what would be best intended for me to contribute, create or improve, for the higher of the collective?

  2. What is my unique purpose of being alive, and what is the pricesless value I add to the Oneness on this planet?

And then start exploring, and dive deeper into both. This way you would have a higher probability to actually start living life, appreciate the simplicity and even (in the end) understand your unique positioning in the collective oneness.



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