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Why I went Silent on Linkedin...

This is a repost of an article I wrote on LinkedIn earlier this week.

It was nudged by a peripheral LinkedIn connection, that I had actually never met and early interacted with. We just connected based on common interests. Yet, by him nudging me, we ended up having some quite deep conversations afterwards.

I can only recommend to be present with these serendipitous encounters, and see what can come of it of new insights.

You can read it here on LinkedIn.

What people could take away from the article, was:

  • You are appreciated and “missed”, even with people you don’t know closely. Remember that on the "low" days.

  • It's okay to act on someone (re)surfacing in your consciousness. You never know, what wanders it can do for them (and you), you reaching out.

  • Sleep is important. Like really important. And it’s pure healing. There is a reason why your body tells you, it’s time to go nighty night. Indulge in that. And the research why your body requires more sleep.

  • Re-grouping your energy is equally important. I realised, that being “away” gave me more energy and time with the things that mattered to me. While also encountering, that my lack of presence didn’t affect my “business”.

  • If you are the type of people with children: give them the best of your quality time, not the last of your (quality) time. Before it's too late. Especially, if you like your children, and there are not just an accessory to your life. As they really do grow up too fast.

  • Stress can “hit you” mentally and emotionally. But also target your body directly. Especially if you, like me, have no option than to buckle up and “survive” through the rough paths of life. So, be gentle and proactive with your health. Identify what external and internal energies are uniquely affecting you health. As not two bodies are the same.



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