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PARENTING GUIDANCE - Approach your parenting journey with clarity

Choose between 30, 60 or 90 min. session - Topic Specific


Whether you're questioning your parenthood journey, seeking guidance with your children, or preparing to welcome a child into your life, this session offers valuable insights into current energies and opportunities, along with potential outcomes.


By specifying the key focus or intent behind your session, such as pregnancy,  IVF journey, current relations with your children, or addressing a child's needs and desires, I can ensure that the session provides precise insights to help you navigate your parenting journey effectively.


How it works:

  • Choose the duration of your session (30, 60 or 90 minutes).
  • Add your questions and any other necessary instructions in the notes section during checkout.
  • Provide the e-mail where you'd like to recieve the recording.


PLEASE allow anywhere between 1-5 days turnaround (from purchase to receiving the recording) depending on availability.


The recording will be emailed to you via a personal link for download and safekeeping through WeTransfer.


THANK YOU for your purchase and looking forward to be of assistance.

CHILDREN & PARENTHOOD - Recorded Mediumship & Intuitive Advisory Session

PriceFrom kr900.00
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