What the h… is going on? – a follow up

A couple of weeks ago, I was doing a channeling on the subject of, what February 2019 had in store for the collective. The core of the February energiers, was the changes we are experiencing – globally and nationally.

I want to elaborate on the subject, but first a disclosure: What is written in these pages are intuitively explanations to “rationalise” the current events. Maybe it resonates with you and maybe it doesen’t. Maybe some of you have already heard of it, and others think it’s nonsense. No need to stress it. All reactions are equally good. Just pass the writing along, if you feel for it.

The drawings are also intuitively created in order to visualise the “rationalising”. I feel the need to specify, that this is one way (my way) of illustrating the current events, but not the only way. Just like the written words, the truth is not absolute, but an individual understanding of a neutral occurrence.

Back to the original idea: to illustrate the changes we are undergoing. Each and one of us is right now being asked to do a full 360 degrees evaluation on our lives, and to raise our vibrations. Some of us are feeling it deeply, almost being crippled in our daily routines. While others are simply slightly bothered by things not flowing, almost like it’s everyone else fault.

We are asked to look beyond our (3D) everyday life, and into the more conscious (5D) way of living. In other words, we are asked to be aware of the way our mind, body and soul opperates, and at what frequency. It’s about finding out, who YOU truly are, without depending on the society, your upbringing, former experiences, Social Media or “the (wo)men in power”, telling us who we are.

Also, these words I share with you are merely inspiration. There are many ways to go about. Another short fun inspiring approach to the topic:

Thus, this current changes creates fear and chaos (subconsciously or consciously), because it is poking our way of currently living – especially those of us, that thought we had it all figured out.

Personally, even though some might see me as a person that is somewhat aware/awake, just this weekend, I was hit by the painful realisation, that I still have fears in regards to (all kinds of) relationships, and that I’m still not balanced, when it comes to my body. Damn you Universe, just as I thought I would go free this time!

As individuals we contain of 3 components (roughly speaking), and layers of energies, vibrating at different levels. You are your mind, body and soul at the same time – all in one.

The body, mind and soul work as a system of energy. We connect our body, mind and soul to keep energy flowing within us. This energy flow, the level of vibration, can be abundant or restricted in each moment, depending on the internal cooporation between these equal parts, our state of being and interaction with others. It changes constantly, why we always need to be conscious of ourselves at any moment.

Figuratively speaking: imagine the body being your vehicle, that your are driving on your path here on Earth. Your soul is the driver, while your mind is the co-driver, that is to keep you safe on the road – the one that reads the signs and the weather reports, but never to take the stearing wheel.

And what about the energies? In the end we are all just energy – our soul is pure energy, our body is energy in a compact form, and our mind produces energy. We can go deeper into this approach, but for now let’s stick to the basics.

So, we are nudged, in whatever way most appropriate for each individual, to take a look, at how our 3 components opperate. As we do that, we are also impacting others energetically, physically and in real life, as we are all intertwined. So, the minute you start the process of looking at how you opperate, the same minute you will create a change within your family, your child(ren), your spouse, your boss, your clients – sending ripples out in the collective (e.g. the following illustrations).

But why all these changes? Well, because it is needed. As a planet, we are an ongoing evolution process – if we like it or not, it’s still happening. As a collective, we are all affected. It’s been undergoing since the birth of the planet. Especially since 2012, the energies have accelerated, and the vibrations have gradually elevated to new levels. Maybe some of you have already heard of the changes from a 3D(imension) Earth to a 4D and 5D. The reason for this evolution and changes, is another chapter, that I would gladly unfold with you on another occasion – or just Google it.

Most of us are triggered by these requirement of keeping up with the collective vibrational enhancement, because many of us are mind driven and not soul driven. It is something we have been thought since birth. Few of us had/have the possibility to stay in our soul’s energy, and flow through the changes. But we are all heading that way. And that’s why this internal balancing needs to take place. It’s not an overnight job, but a lifetime awareness.

Balancing ourselves requires constant dedication and attention – because every  encounter, can at any moment bring us out of balance, or we bring them out of balance. For later to find a neutral balancing point, and rise the individual and collective vibration. It’s a part of the game called life. So, instead of being fearful, let’s take life more lightly, and look at our lives as it was the Universe’s equivalent to “Saturday Night Live” – the only difference being: we are the lead character in our lives and we are all famous. 

A natural next step to figuring out how we balance ourselves internally, is to look at the dualities and separations in our lives, that are illusions. E.g. begin to acknowledge, that our mind is merely an organ, equally to our liver and kidney, and not a counterpart to our soul. It’s not a either mind or soul thing, but is a merge (se below).

So, in the end, what we are experiencing, is a collective raise in vibrations. and we can either flow with it or fight it. Regardless, the vibration is rising and we can’t stop it. Just while writing this piece, 5 amazing individuals reached out, sharing with me, how they are feeling distressed in their bodies and minds, and I can only join them. For as beautiful life is, when we are vibrating at our true energy level, the balancing out can be “a painful pleasure” for those of us, that are in the middle of the process of balancing.

I promised myself to keep this simple, light and short, and apparently I have lied to myself and you guys. But there is so much to this topic, that I could write chapters and chapters about it.

I hope the above-mentioned have resonated or maybe even triggered you. For now I will leave you with this, and in future feeds go more in dept with the whole aspect of the feminine/masculine energies, the dark/light energies and unconditional love, that are all tied up to the current changes.

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