Study and career guidance

Through one-to-one sessions, I help you access the answers to who you are developing into, what your potential is and which study and career paths are appropriate for you.

I help you identify your opportunities and potential

Are you in doubt when it comes to which educational path to choose? Do you doubt what you are good at? Or does your expectations not match other people’s expectations, when it comes to your future career? I can help you identify your opportunities and potential through intuitive coaching.

Throughout my practice I have helped many young people who were in doubt about the choice they had to make about their studies and future careers. Many of us are asked from an early age to choose one path and stick to it. At the same time, many of us are still in doubt about who we are and what our qualities are when these choices are to be made.

Study guidance can take place either as a single session or a longer course, depending on what you wish to achieve.