Recruitmen, hiring procedures and motivational talks

Are you hiring and not sure of the qualification requirements for your next employee? Do you need help with recruitment and are you in doubt about your needs in regards to a new employee? Do you need input and sparring at the annual development interviews? Do you have challenges in your team? Intuitive sparring can be the solution.

I help you recruit the right employees

As a business owner and manager, your employees are one of your biggest assets. It is therefore important that you have the right people on board. That they are personally motivated and at the same time feel part of the team. As a leader, it is therefore important to invest in your employees and their professional and partially personal development.

Through my practice, I help my customers recruit the most suitable candidates, as not everything can be read in an application, and I thus participate throughout the recruitment and hiring process.

Ongoing team and employee development

I continuously help with sparring about specific employees, situations of conflict or the dynamics of the team. Some executives have offered their employees intuitive sparring, as part of their annual development interviews, to the great pleasure of both the individual employee and the company.