Intuitive competence clarification and development

Through intuitive clarification of skills, I help you express your potential and development opportunities in words, as well as provide you with specific tools to overcome any doubts.

I help you boost your confidence at work

Do you have a good job, but feel that you are going nowhere? Are you trying to meet new demands and don’t know if you are able to rise to the challenge? Do you merely lack the last input to solve the next big projects and tasks at work? Through intuitive competence clarification, I can advise you on which steps you can take to become more self confident.

Everyone goes through a time in their lives where they are in doubt about own abilities and competencies. Most often, we have close friends and family, or even colleagues, who can remind us of our strengths and competencies. But at times, even their support and advice can be insufficient. In these situations, the words of “a stranger” can give greater inner reverberation.