Career advice – I support you through the process

Through intuitive career coaching, I give you input on where you are heading and which sides of yourself are to be developed in order to move on to the next step of your career.

I push you in the right direction

Do you stand at a crossroad when it comes to your career? Are you in between jobs and do not know what the next step is? Do you have the dream job, yet feel that you are not reaching your full potential? Through intuitive career coaching, I can give you a boost in the right direction.

We know that we sometimes doubt whether we have made the right choice for our job or career direction. When we feel we can not really move further up the career ladder or that possibilities are suddenly torn from us. We may feel lost, uncertain, or even curious about what the universe has in for us.

At the same time, I can help you review your CV and application, and help you to get ready for an interview. It is important that you are open to hearing the truth. In return, I can help you and “hold your hand” throughout the process.