Intuitive coaching for clarity and progress

Intuitive advising can be of great help in situations where you feel stuck,  lacking in clarity or are in doubt about which paths to choose.


Intuitive coaching for companies and individuals

Whether you are a manager, owner of a company or a private person is subordinate, as we all, will be facing intersections and unclear situation in our work and daily life regardless of our position – we can even be split between our own rationality and intuition. This is where intuitive coaching and advising can be helpfull.

I currently help companies in the following situations, but not limited to:

I currently help individuals in the following situations, but not limited to:


Coaching when you feel like it

Intuitive couching can be used continuously. In present times, life is so changeable, that new opportunities and situations are constantly evolving, and especially when we start working consciously with ourselves. You can book a coaching session at any time.


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Some companies and individuals choose to work with me for a longer period of time, where I act as a advising partner and support them through a difficult transformation process.

Other customers use me spontaneously during the months to get refreshing input, new energy and sparring in their daily choices.

It is up to you when you wish to make use of my skills and input, as it is important that YOU feel ready.

Practical information

There are 75 minutes allocated for each session. During the session you get inspiration and sparring in your current situation, from what is your next step in your career, which sides of yourself you want to develop, to how you  get more direction as a leader, etc. The sessions are a mixture of classical coaching, intuitive advising and visualisation of possibilities via drawings.

It is also important for me to emphasise, that it is always your own responsibility, whether and how you use the information given – apropos co-creating powers. It is therefore important that you give yourself the time to process and only choose the input you think is important for you at the present moment.

My sessions usually take place at Willemoesgade 10, st. tv. in Copenhage. It is also possible for us to find a solution, if you prefer the sessions being at your place or your company.

International clients

I also help customers internationally, e.g. United States, Germany, France, Holland, Romania and UK. Most of my sessions are face to face. Sessions with foreign customers also take place via Skype or FaceTime.