Clairvoyant advice for progress and development

I work cognitively by giving you intuitive messages and information about where you or your business is heading. By doing so, I move the blinders or beliefs that prevent progress and development.

Intuitive coaching in a single session

Common to my services is that they can be adapted to take place as a single session or a longer course, depending on the depth and achievement you wish. It is important when you choose intuitive coaching is that you show an openness for change and that you are willing to hear the truth.

Since the messages are individual and are based on your or your company’s DNA, it is not possible to tone down or distort the information. However, you will be given the opportunity to clarify any doubts about specific events and situations.

The possibilities are many when you seek intuitive advice. Depending on the provider, you can get help in all areas of your life. Based on my professional experience and what personally drives me, I have chosen to offer the following types of intuitive counseling.

Regular annual coaching or inspirational meetings as needed

Many of my customers choose a longer coaching course with a duration of one and a half to two years, where I act as a sparring partner and support them through a transformation process.

Other customers use me spontaneously once or twice a year to get refreshing input, new energy and sparring. You decide for yourself how often you will use my skills and input, as it is important that you feel you are ready.

I help you make the right decisions

During my sessions, you will be provided with a number of tools to complete the transformation process and give you a glimpse of future prospects. These input will help you make the most appropriate decisions based on your own and your company’s full potential. At the same time you learn to use and/or strengthen your own intuition.

I make myself available with my experiences, my intuition and my understanding, but it is always your own responsibility, how you choose to act based on these inputs. It is therefore important that you give yourself time and allow yourself to figure out if intuitive coaching is for you.

Sessions of 75 minutes duration

A session is approximately 75 minutes. The sessions usually take place in my premises at Amagertorv in Copenhagen. If you prefer that I visit you and your company, this is also possible by appointment.

International clients

I currently serve customers in the United States, Germany, France, Holland, Romania and the UK. Most of my sessions are face to face. Therefore, I typically arrange several meetings at a time in connection with my foreign travels. Otherwise, foreign customers take advantage of the possibility of sessions via Skype or FaceTime.