Rucsi Sarbu – Intuitive and clairvoyant skills

I think that each of us has a higher potential, which we must pursue. In this context, I uncover and bring an individual, a project or a company’s purpose to the front. I do this primarily by using my intuitive and clairvoyant skills, while continuously developing through training in coaching and management.

I believe, we have a higher potential, we must activate

I help companies and individuals daily to make choices based on their full potential. My experience extends widely in the following areas:

I have a Master’s degree in Sociology from 2007, and since 2005 I have worked with development projects and organizational tasks in the public, private and voluntary sectors in Denmark and abroad.

I help you make the most appropriate decisions

My goal is to provide you with the necessary input so you can strengthen and activate your own intuition, and independently be able to act on this in the future – whether it concerns your business or you personally. Therefore, I offer you the opportunity to clear out, demystify, process past situations and events that may be limiting your future opportunities.

During a session, you will also be given a number of tools to get through a possible transformation process and gain insight into future perspectives. The purpose of this information is to activate your own intuition and to help you make the most appropriate decisions to realise your and your company’s full potential.

I am available with my experiences, my intuition and my understanding, but it is always my customers’ own responsibility, how they want to proceed in life based on these input.

Inspiration sessions and coaching courses

Many of my customers choose a longer coaching course with a duration of one and a half to two years, where I act as a sparring partner through a difficult transformation process. The customer will assess how often he / she will use my skills and input.

Other customers use me spontaneously once or twice a year to get refreshing input, new energy and sparring. Here, the customer or company is not in an emergency transformation process, but is driven more by curiousity.

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