Testimonials – Rucsi Sarbu intuitive coaching

Intuitive coaching is not necessarily for everyone. It is therefore important that you are clear on whether it is something for you or your business. Below you can read what other customers have experienced.


“Thank you for your skills and your help”

I would like to say a big thank you for your way of handling things – your sense of clarity, your understanding, your help and your fine explanations, which makes life worth living with a greater insight and become more rewarding and enriching. It’s really a GREAT gift that we were allowed to meet you.

You can convey messages and guidances, so we can work on them instead of “fighting against” the time and with an inconvenience we can not do anything about anyway.

There are many ways to Rome, and it’s not necessarily because you have said that or the universe has tried to tell us that we HAVE to follow that path Slavic. But it’s just an opening and an opportunity to open us up for the impulses and energies that are on our way – and it’s simply that big! AND you are also a good coach, because you understand how to get the best out of us so we get the INCLINATION to work with the unique talents each of us is born with.

Helene S. /Entrepreneur, Denmark/Italy

“A collaborator who creates value in all relationships”

Rucsi Elena Sarbu is a collaborator who creates value in all relationships. The experience of this coaching enables people to start life trips, explore personal challenges and find new solutions at the workplace. The basis is knowledge of social and psychological patterns combined with a clear and structured impression of the human being in focus. A life experience!

Mette Laursen /CEO, LinKS, Denmark

“A process that has strengthened my energy level”

Rucsi has given me insight into my prioritization of tasks and guided me in the decisions I have faced so I am now able to use my resources most appropriately. A process that has strengthened my energy and opened new perspectives.

Peter Lyngdahl /Stifter, Lyngdahl Music Publisher, Denmark

“Rucsi helped me in the recruitment procedure”

Rucsi’s intuitive evaluation of the dynamics of our workplace and the kind of person who would thrive in our environment made the difference. Her participation before, during and after the recruitment process helped me find the right match not only for the organization, but for the employees.

John Quinn Meinertz, /CFO, American Cruise-Aid Logistics Inc., USA

“I got peace and surplus to go for a new job”

I felt like I was at a crossroad in my career. I had a really good job in a private consulting firm, but my motivation was no longer present. Through my network I was introduced to Rucsi. The yield of a coaching session confirmed that the considerations I had made were right for me. I was able to go for a new job when the opportunity offered. Rucsi’s guidance meant that I was fully aware of why I wanted this particular shift, both in the application and at the interview. And I got the job!

Mette G. /Senior Consultant, Denmark

“Rucsi put things in perspective and steered me clear”

For me personally, Rucsi put things in perspective and gave me clarity. She will not tell you what to do, but will give you guidelines. In the end, it’s up to you what you do with it. Fo me, it gave me new energy to start new adventures.

Elsemarie Harting /Student, The Netherlands