Events – Seminars / Workshops / Inspiration

Once we begin to take an interest in working with our intuition, there is a whole new world to explore. Stay up to date on current seminars and meetings.

Joint Meetings – gather Your Tribe / Your Community to a talk about …

I am regularly invited to conduct inspirational meetings, about the interplay between us as humans, and what we call the universe. Most often, the organiser has a starting point for the meetings, where the content comes via intuition and what might be relevant for the day / group of participants.

These meetings are perceived as a safe space, where curiosity about intuition, energies, and personal development can be addressed and met. Most often, the following questions will be answered:

What is spirituality and what is intuition (preferably in work contexts)? How does our body, soul and mind cooperate together? How do we affect each other? How are we affected by external factors? And, lately, what does it really mean when we talk about the new world vs. the old world we live in?

The atmosphere has previously been described as: A interplay between seriousness and humor. Down to earth. Any complexity is made accessible and easy to understand. Uplifting.

Price: DKK 500,00 per person – minimum of 4 participants

Duration: 2-3 hours

Practical information: I come your way,  whether it is at work or if you have a “Tribe” gathering at home. Some have used it as an Evening Event, others as a Team Event at work, while others invited me to their Brunch gathering – the possibilities are many.

Send me an e-mail in regards to your wishes and booking.

Payment via MobilePay, Paypal or invoice when you book the event.


If the above does not fit your current needs, contact me for a non-committal talk about which options we can create targeted yours or your company’s needs.