What is CREATEshop?

Do you want to start your own business? Or does your existing business need a new life?

CREATEshop is a workshop where you can learn how you make a difference, attract customers and help more people. Whether you wish to align with your purpose, start your business – or customize your present business, this is where you can grow and create a new approach to independence – with a twist.

“It is not about what we do, but about HOW we do it, and with whom”

– Rucsi Sarbu

Why did we create the CREATEshop?

We, ourselves, have taken the plunge and created our own companies and we want to help and guide you in your journey. We know how it feels to hold back in fear of, for example:

The “HOW” is where most of us get stuck. We take a step forward, and then the confusion arises. We are overwhelmed and there are doubts that stop the process, and then we seek back to our comfort zone. Now is time to let go of the old patterns – it’s time to get out of your comfort zone!

We offer a CREATEshop, where we offer sparring, sharing experience and pass on concrete tools that have helped us in our journey, to create a business from the heart. We force you to look at all the underlying emotions, and where you can actively do something about your blockages. Not just the rational and administrative decisions.

Who can participate?

If you have a desire to start your own business, but you have been holding yourself back, or need a re-establishment of your current business – then CREATEshop is for you!

The only requirement is that you must have the will and desire to develop. We are here to help you – we keep it short, simple and accurate. We focus on the most effective approaches to make your transformation and process easy and fun.

Wherever you are in your process right now is exactly where you need to be. We look forward to welcome you to this journey.

We had the great pleasure of participating on CREATEshop in May. As a start-up company, the seminar gave us many important questions, that got us thinking and talking, which we have enjoyed greatly since.
Rucsi is very structured and professional in her approach, while at the same time, she contains the empathy and understanding of the whole human being, which makes the seminar work on both the personal and professional level.
One of the most important issues we will highlight from the seminar is: the necessary “cleaning up” in old dynamics and patterns being addressed and cleared, on the private level, so that nothing stands in the way of the working life one wants to create. This applies, regardless of whether you are alone with your company or enter into a partnership. We would highly recommend CREATEshop.

– Gry, Sys & Ghita – individually self-employed and now working on a common project


The CREATEshop approach:

CREATEshop is divided into three modules. We focus on: 1) Learn to change mental patterns; money and creation your business. 2) Become aware of your own competencies, strengths and personal development. 3) Learn how to differentiate your business and attract your audience.



The classes are small (up to 6 attendants), so we can guide you the best possible way and make sure you leave with a simple plan, ready to execute.

Participation fee:


Registration and payment:

After having held the first workshop in the Summer of 2019, with great success, we look forward to welcome you when our new classes opens in the Fall 2019:



New dates coming soon

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Payment by MobilPay or bank transfer. After confirmation of registration, you will receive further information about the place and other relevant info about the workshop days. The entire amount is payable upon registration.