Intuitive coaching for companies and individuals

I advise companies and individuals to make the most appropriate choices based on their full potential. I draw upon my education and work experience within development and HR, strongly supported by my intuitive and clairvoyant skills.


Clairvoyant and intuitive skills

I help reveal and promote the purpose and focus of individuals and businesses. I do this by using my intuitive and clairvoyant skills, while continuously developing through training in coaching and management.

Clairvoyant and intuitive skills

Advise on progress and development

I work cognitively by giving you intuitive and clairvoyant messages and information about where you or your business is heading. The objective is to remove blinders that prevent your progress and development.

Advising progress and development

What do others say

Intuitive counseling is not necessarily for everyone. Choosing this kind of counselling requires that you are willing to see things from a new perspective and want to work actively for change. Read what other customers have experienced.


Clairvoyant abilities

Is the ability to use extra-sensory methods to gain insight into people, organizations or situations that would otherwise not be available to the five normal areas of consciousness. I have the ability to tune into a person, business or circumstance, and pass on any information about the past, present and future, which is beneficial for further development.

Intuitive coaching

Intuition is something we are all born with. Intuition is when we e.g. get ideas, creative inspiration, feelings of anxiety, and hopefully act on it. Intuition is our back-up system that is activated when the five senses are not sufficient. Via intuitive coaching I tune into you or your company and through clairvoyant information guide you to strengthen your own intuition.

Solid experience

Since 2005, I have worked with projects and organizational tasks. For the last four years I have focused on intuitive coaching of managers and individuals due to an increased interest from customers. My experience and training within coaching and management allows me to combine my skills freely to accommodate each task in the best possible manner.

Customers world-wide

Clairvoyant abilities allow you to offer insight and guidance wherever you are. This is because the spiritual plan is not geographically limited. All I need is sufficient information to tune into you as an unique individual, e.g. your first name. It corresponds to the telepathic connection like when you think of a friend and the person is calling.