Intuitive coaching for companies and individuals

I help create clarity in current situations and advise companies, managers, and individuals to make appropriate decisions and identify opportunities.

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Working with intuition

Everyone is born with an intuition. It’s just not everyone who deliberately uses it. Intuition is when we get ideas and insights, get inspired or when something feels right or wrong. That inner voice that we sometimes act on and other times we ignore. Through intuitive coaching, you become more conscious about yourself and learn how to strengthen and use your own intuition.
Intuitive skills

Practical info

There are 75 minutes allocated for each coaching session. During the session you get inspiration and guidance for your current situation, e.g. how to progress in your career, what is your life goal, which sides of yourself you want to develop, how you develop your business as a leader, and get more direction. Sessions with international customers take place via Skype / FaceTime.
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Events – NEW!!!

Working with intuitive coaching, there are many common traits in the changes and development processes we personally and collectively undergo. I therefore continuously share knowledge trough community events. The topics being various within working with intuition in a changing world, and how personal current situations are influenced by the changes in the society.
Seminars and meetings

Rucsi Sarbu

My wish is to help as many people as possible with clarity in their lives, so decisions can be made from the heart (intuitively) and not out of e.g. fear. Quite simply, I want us all to become more aware of our strengths and abilities. I use my intuitive skills, seasoned with my education within sociology, coaching and management.
My goal and purpose

Get inspired

Working with intuition is both a personal development and a collective change. Once we become aware of the strength of living from our intuition, we begin to see the world from a new perspective and change will happen automatically. Here you will find sources of inspiration written by me or others, based on the principle: we create change together.
Inspirational writings

Words from clients

Intuitive counseling is not necessarily for everyone. Choosing this kind of coaching, will require for you to see things from a new perspective and wish to work towards conscious solutions. It is therefore important that you are clear on whether it is something for you or your company.